The freight management industry may not be known for its exceptional customer service, but Berger Transportation is. Berger stands out against our competitors because customer service is not just our priority, it is a person-centered approach to a rigid model of business. Here are 4 reasons customer service is our number one priority.

We Better Understand Our Customers

Berger is committed to understanding our customers, thereby better serving them. We develop ongoing relationships to create a mutual trust, and really understand our customer’s needs. We know that each individual grapples with their own daily stressors, so we put your convenience and comfort above all. We do this by taking your time and energy into consideration, and merging real people with a real service.

Our Connections Inspire Creativity

Our company is well trained, but our relationships with customers often leads to fresh ideas. We are committed to providing innovative solutions, and that starts with exceptional service. In this industry, there is often a lack of communication that disrupts the customer experience. This kind of separation promotes unhealthy relationships and inhibits growth and service. Berger, however, provides a listening ear to any issues you may be experiencing or ideas you have on how to improve our services.

Berger is a Resource

Outside of our contractual obligations to our customers, we also serve as an industry resource. Genuine people are on the other lines of our phones and we care about the success of your business.

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