Shipping and transportation is an essential component of operations for many businesses. Companies often rely on freight management companies for this function to ensure fast and efficient shipping. But the traditional freight management model has its shortcomings and does not always offer the best solution for companies.

In this post, we’ll examine some of the most common issues customers experience with traditional freight management companies, as well as how Berger Transport’s customer-centered philosophy ensures customers never experience these issues. If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to ask whether your freight partner is holding up its end of the deal.


They’re not meeting your needs

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs that a change is in order is simply the fact that your needs are not being met by your current freight management provider. A partner that is not willing to tailor a solution to your company’s goals and objectives in shipping is not fulfilling its obligation to you and not worthy of your business.

At Berger Transport, customer needs are our number one priority and managing a wide variety of freight from start to finish is what we do. Our team is ultra-responsive in pricing, coordinating, and managing shipments once the plan of transit is approved by the client. We are flexible in building those plans and offer multiple options to get the job done.


They don’t understand your goals

In order to effectively manage freight, it is imperative to have a firm understanding of the business’s goals. Without this knowledge informing shipping decisions, critical errors can occur.

Berger understands the goals of each client and we are focused on overall management of their freight rather than building volume. Managing volume often comes at the cost of quality, and managing quality to help you achieve your goals is critical.


They provide no guidance or logistical support

Transportation and freight management is all about logistics – without adequate support and guidance, companies stand to lose valuable time and money.

Berger Transport offers unmatched customer service. Our one-on-one phone and email support ensures you have direct contact with a specialist who is qualified to assist you in all aspects of your freight management plan. We maintain open lines of communication with our clients 24/7, 365 days a year. From the initial shipping estimate through the successful delivery of your freight, Berger Transport is available and working to help your business succeed.


They offer limited options to meet your requirements

No two loads are exactly alike and the same is true for clients. We recognize that companies need scalable options to meet the needs of their business. Berger Transport offers a wide variety of transportation services – from long-distance, to quick turnaround shipments.

Whether you have a time-sensitive shipping need or a multi-stop partial load, we offer flexible transportation options to handle each project as efficiently as possible. There is no project too big, small or unique for our experienced staff.


They lack communication/transparency

At Berger Transport, we know that communication is key in shipping. From transit updates to potential issues and delays, communicating with clients in a transparent and honest manner helps establish trust and credibility. Failure of a freight management company to properly communicate or be transparent should serve as a significant red flag.

If you’re experiencing these behaviors with your provider, it is time to seriously reconsider your arrangement. Without timely, accurate information and open lines of communication, the probability of an issue with your load is high.

Berger Transport is committed to ensuring our clients have the information they need, 24-hours-per-day. We take pride in never closing and remaining accessible any time questions about a shipment arise.


Experience the Berger Way

If the issues outlined above resonate with you, it’s time to ditch your freight management company for a solution centered around you and your company’s needs.

If you’re looking for ultra-responsive trucking services throughout the U.S. and Canada and an experienced team that puts the client first, contact Berger Transport to learn more and receive a quote today.



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