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About Berger Transport

Berger Transport was founded on a vision of a better way to manage freight for shippers. By understanding the needs of each client, we are focused on overall management of their freight rather than building volume. Managing volume takes time away from managing quality.

Our Goals

We care about our drivers’ needs to operate a business, our shipper’s cost and reputation while representing them in transit, and we are built on fantastic customer service.

Managing a wide variety of freight from start to finish is what we do. Our team is ultra-responsive in pricing, coordinating, and managing the shipment once our client approves the plan of transit. We are flexible in building those plans, often having more than one option to get the job done.

Our response time and customer service are unmatched. We hear it all the time from our clients and we never stop working to maintain that reputation.

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Experience the Berger Way

  • Fast response quoting
  • Unmatched customer service
  • 24/7/365 communication
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