Communication is the building block of any successful business, and is particularly important in the freight management industry. Below, we’ve outlined five reasons why freight managers should practice open and ongoing communication with their customers.

Continuous Improvement

In order to make adjustments and better serve customer needs, freight managers need to communicate. Listening to customers explain what worked and what didn’t will help managers make continuous improvements, aiming for exceptional customer service. If freight managers don’t listen or communicate well, they miss an opportunity to better serve their customers and may eliminate the possibility of return customers.

Problem Solving

Freight management companies exist to solve customer problems. Communication is the most important tool freight managers have for creating quality, custom freight solutions. After listening to a customer explain their transportation goals and scope of need, a good freight manager should communicate the different variables and options that are best suited to the particular customer.

An Industry Resource

Freight management companies are industry experts, and need to serve as resources for their customers. That means being available for questions or concerns, and proving quality solutions. Customers rely on freight managers to communicate solutions clearly, and in terms everyone will understand.

Grow Relationships

The freight management industry relies on relationships. And just like any relationship, communication is key for a positive, genuine experience. Maintaining open and ongoing communication with customers ensures they are receiving quality solutions, and feel they are in the hands of experts. Trust and help establish long and prosperous professional relationships.

Ideas + Solutions

Clear and consistent communication allows customers to share their ideas, and freight managers to provide custom solutions. The exchange of this information will help freight management companies grow, and will keep customers satisfied.

The Berger Way

Many competitors do not take into consideration the true desires of our customers: to be heard. Berger is not only hear to listen to your concerns, but address them thoroughly. Communication is vital for relationships like a crew on a ship: to be run properly, each member needs to be heard and accounted for. At Berger, we value communication and customer service above all else– that’s why we have a 24/7/365 doors open policy.

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